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Pictures from Eurogamer 2012


Last week I headed out to Eurogamer 2012 at Earl’s Court to get some hands on time with the new titles coming out at the end of this year and 2013. Which games will I definitely be getting my hands on after watching/playing them? Tomb Raider, Gears of War: Judgement, Halo 4, Assassins Creed III, Resident Evil 6, Borderlands 2 and DMC: Devil May Cry. Tomb Raider in particular had a great little demo giving you a real feel for the new style and gameplay of the latest title, with some very realistic voice acting that pulled you right into the game – decent headphones are a necessity!

I took plenty of photos, which you can check out after the jump!

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Mass Effect Loyalty Mission Posters Go Viral

These awesome Mass Effect posters, based on the loyalty mission series, were first posted on Tumblr user Miri’s blog.  Since then they’ve been shared thousands on times on multiple Tumblr threads, have made the rounds on Reddit and have even made their way onto Pinterest, demonstrating once again that nothing escapes the eye on those speedy pinners. Unfortunately, due to ownership issues over the background image, it doesn’t look like they’ll be available to buy anytime soon…

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The importance of social media in video games PR

It’s been a while since I’ve had chance to post on here – so I thought I’d drop in a summary from the conclusion of my final year dissertation on the topic – ‘How has the role of a PR practitioner in the video games industry chance since the advent of social media?’

The role of a PR communicator has had to adapt to embrace the challenges social media presents; it could be argued that the role of a PR practitioner is very different to how it was perceived two years ago, as audiences, communications channels and the individuals that require influencing have evolved dramatically. This dissertation’s research proved that nowhere is this truer than in the video games industry. Continue reading

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Guest post on Power Up: Social Media at E3 2012

Last week I was invited to write quick guest post on the Power Up blog. You can catch the first quick snippet below, and read the rest here.

2012 was the year of social media at E3, with all the industry giants releasing some form of social tech alongside or within their big titles.

Nintendo announced its social platform for the upcoming Wii U, MiiVerse. Dubbed as a ‘safe social network’, MiiVerse will be integrated heavily in upcoming Nintendo titles, including the New Super Mario Brothers U. The company says the game will feature a real-time social window, allowing the players to connect with others; though the ‘real-time’ part is up for debate considering Nintendo plans to use human screening on all messages before posting.


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Friday roundup on the Wolfstar Blog…

In case you missed it, I wrapped up the news for last week over on the Wolfstar Blog, with everything from Reddit to E3 and the Daily Mail… Give it a read over here

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Kony 2012 – Using social media to catch the invisible man

An experiment into using social media in a whole new way – not to raise awareness for a brand or an election campaign, but a rebel leader who has enslaved, tortured and killed over 30,000 children in Uganda.

Jason Russell has set a challenge for the connected online world to make Joseph Kony famous and help make capturing him and making him answer for his war crimes a reality by December 31st 2012. The entire campaign is based around using social media tools, such as sharing on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, targeting celebrities and policy makers on Twitter, email and blogs, geotagging images and tracking impact in real-time and changing the conversation of of culture, and get people asking: Who is Joseph Kony? (video after break)

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Videos games industry: The Hit and The Long Tail


I’m currently putting a lot of time in to the literature review and methodology for my final year dissertation (that’s thesis to any readers from across the pond). The title is ‘How has the role of a public relations practitioner in the video games industry changed with the advent of social media?’ and some of the subheadings contain little nods to the gamers that will probably fly over the heads of any marker, therefore being a bit pointless. Oh well.

One of the themes I’m looking at is Chris Anderson’s idea of several industries, such as film, music and literature, being ‘hit driven’, with certain titles expected to be a commercial success being afforded much more budget and marketing activities in the hope that they will generate profit. Mark Harris discussed the idea his GQ feature ‘The Day the Movies Died’, with studios afraid to try anything different or new, risking going against the industry and profit loss.

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You are what you Tweet: 2011 in review

Frugal Dad has put together the results of what Twitter users have spent the last year discussing – the results being a mixture of both interesting… and downright depressing.

On the one hand we’re pretty good at using the social site to spread news such as the political pressure in Egypt, the devastation of Japan’s earthquake and Bin Laden’s raid. However, it seems we still play into the hands of the celebrity culture, preferring to spread news of Beyonce’s baby bump, Rebecca Black’s musical genius and Justin Bieber’s latest hairstyle.

What does that say about us? I guess it says quite a lot about not only the way we share and what we like to talk about, but also the user base of Twitter. It’s easy to think that Twitter seems much more mature and ‘grown up’ in comparison to Facebook, but Twitter still has a large amount of active young users, both below 18 and in the 18-25 demographic. And evidently, they’re pretty good at sharing news. (Yes, other demographics no doubt shared news about celebrities too, but it’s pretty likely that many of Justin Bieber’s biggest fans sit pretty closely to the younger Twitter demographic.)

So, do the results below surprise you? Do you feel like more of the people you follow talk Tsunami or world news?
(Click read more to view infographic)

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5 top video games online campaigns of 2011

So here’s a list of some of the video games campaigns of the year that I really enjoyed. They all encorporate an element of social media and online activity – which is why I’ve picked them! They are by no means a definitive list, just some of the campaigns that really caught me eye. Let me know if you agree or know of some I’ve missed out that you’d like to recommend!

5. Gears of War 3

Anyone who’s played the GOW series will know just how special this final game was; sending off our Delta squad heroes – whom have been with us through gore, bro-mance and some pretty emotion scenes – into the distopian sunset. The GOW is a particularly interesting series, a trilogy that started with little social activity leading to the final episode that made the most of online tools to ensure it’s success.

Gears of War 3 gave its online fans much to keep themselves occupied and engaged in the run up to the COG last stand, from an online led campaign to decide the fate of our final recruit from the Carmine family, to fans getting a say in which maps made the final cut in the multiplayer maps and beta codes being released online to those lucky enough to gets their hands on them (like me!). The final game was hyped and promoted well online and the final product didn’t disappoint – I’m sure there weren’t many dry eyes from hardcore fans by the end of this game!

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