The Internet of Things: Closer than we think (if you’re rich)

Earlier this month, I discussed the idea of Web 3.0 and the ‘internet of things‘, in which regular everyday household objects become ‘intelligent’ and therefore much more useful and efficient.

This Corning Incorporate video, which I heard about from Stuart’s blog, went viral last week and shows a utopian future in which we’re all very rich, have perfect families and bus shelter vandalism is a thing of the past. But though the social element of the video might be way off, it does get you thinking about how close we are to a future where technology is so heavily engrained into our lifestyles. Some would argue that this is already the case, and that the ‘intelligent glass’ featured in the video is just a more evoloved version of what we already have. It doesn’t feel that long ago that we were using WAP on huge mobile phones, or actually having to *go outside* for tasks making bank transfers (shudder). So perhaps a house like this isn’t really all that far off.

Either way, it’s a future I’m pretty excited about, though also quite wary. It does feel like we’re getting very close to Philip K. Dick‘s view of the future…

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