You are what you Tweet: 2011 in review

Frugal Dad has put together the results of what Twitter users have spent the last year discussing – the results being a mixture of both interesting… and downright depressing.

On the one hand we’re pretty good at using the social site to spread news such as the political pressure in Egypt, the devastation of Japan’s earthquake and Bin Laden’s raid. However, it seems we still play into the hands of the celebrity culture, preferring to spread news of Beyonce’s baby bump, Rebecca Black’s musical genius and Justin Bieber’s latest hairstyle.

What does that say about us? I guess it says quite a lot about not only the way we share and what we like to talk about, but also the user base of Twitter. It’s easy to think that Twitter seems much more mature and ‘grown up’ in comparison to Facebook, but Twitter still has a large amount of active young users, both below 18 and in the 18-25 demographic. And evidently, they’re pretty good at sharing news. (Yes, other demographics no doubt shared news about celebrities too, but it’s pretty likely that many of Justin Bieber’s biggest fans sit pretty closely to the younger Twitter demographic.)

So, do the results below surprise you? Do you feel like more of the people you follow talk Tsunami or world news?
(Click read more to view infographic)

2011 in review infographic



(Edit: As depicus pointed out via Twitter, the results are skewed by event vs. personality, i.e we will spend all year discussing a personality but only a limited amount of time discussing an event).

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One thought on “You are what you Tweet: 2011 in review

  1. fliqolet says:

    The top events, predictable, I on the contrary highlighted on some small time events. Wanna see? Here’s the link

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